Investigating the Effect of Dimensions of Organizational Pride on the Desire for Creativity Among the Employees of Petrojan Asia

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1 MA. Student of Management, Rasht Payam noor university, Rasht, Iran

2 Associate Professor, Public Administration,, Payamenoor University,Tehran,, Iran

3 Assistant Professor, Public Administration, Payamenoor University, Tehran, Iran


The goal of employee organizational pride represents a necessary but fundamentally undiscovered factor in achieving success. In detail, there are two types of organizational pride. First, employees can experience short-lived and lasting emotional feelings of pride based on their perception of a successful organizational event (emotional pride); Second, employees can have a cognitive and enduring attitude toward pride that results in an overall understanding of the organization (attitudinal pride). The purpose of this article is to investigate the effect of dimensions of organizational pride on the desire for creativity among the employees of Petrojam Asia. The statistical population included the employees of Petro Jam Asia Company, which included 82 people. The integer method was used for sampling. Some respondents did not complete the received questionnaires or did not answer the questions correctly. Leaving those questionnaires, 76 questionnaires remained and were analyzed. According to the results obtained from the model test, it has been observed that both the variables of attitudinal pride and emotional pride have a positive and significant effect on the tendency to creativity because the corresponding t-statistic is greater than 1.96. Also, according to the obtained results, it was found that the variables of attitude pride and emotional pride explain 29.6% of the variables of tendency to creativity.


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